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What is the Comprehensive Transportation Plan?

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) provides a guide for future transportation investments throughout Forsyth County. The CTP update will examine all modes of transportation, including vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, freight, and transit. The plan will identify how transportation needs throughout the next 20 years can best be accommodated. The plan will recommend short, mid, and long-range projects, along with  key partners and stakeholders that are integral to project implementation.

This project is funded as a partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission, under the Federal Surface Transportation Program. 


The CTP serves as a basis for future local, regional, state, and federal funding investments in Forsyth County's transportation network.

The previous Comprehensive Transportation Plan (2018) can be reviewed here.

What is Different About this Plan?

This CTP will include a stand-alone Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) which provides a framework for systemic safety improvements along local roads and results in a prioritized list of issues, risks, actions, and improvements. The LRSP focuses on the four Es of safety (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Medical Services). It serves as a mechanism for coordination among local agencies and establishes a timeline and goals for implementation and evaluation. 

What is Involved in Updating the Plan?

The plan update will occur over four key phases prior to becoming official policy.


Phase 1

Existing Conditions - We will review demographic data (such as population, housing, and employment status), multimodal transportation data (including roadway and bridges, bicycle, pedestrian, and trails), and land use data as it impacts transportation. Community feedback will be gathered from the public through several engagement opportunities in April and May including a public survey, a booth at community events, and an open house meeting. The drop-in style open house is scheduled from 5 and 7 p.m. at the Central Park Recreation Center (2300 Keith Bridge Rd.). This data will then be summarized into an Existing Conditions Report and used throughout the planning process.

Phase 2

Assessment - We will conduct a current and future needs assessment utilizing the multimodal inventory of existing conditions gathered in Phase 1. We will utilize a variety of modeling and analysis techniques to evaluate the following transportation components: travel demand, operational needs, safety, freight, transportation technology, active transportation (bicycle and walking trails), public transportation, and funding trends. All findings will be documented and summarized into an overall Needs Assessment Report.

Phase 3

Recommendations - We will develop project recommendations that respond to the identified needs from Phase 2. The list of projects will include implementation guidance such as funding sources and partners. The community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the recommendations in late August and September through a second online survey and five district-centered open house events held across the county. Event details will be shared here as the events are planned.

Phase 4

Adoption - The County will coordinate with regional partners on a final review process. The final CTP Update will be available on the project website for public comment before the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners considers adoption. 

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