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Forsyth County Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP)

The United States Department of Transportation released a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) in the Summer of 2022 with the purpose of improving roadway safety by significantly reducing or eliminating roadway fatalities and serious injuries through safety action plan development and refinement and implementation focused on all users. The program provides funding to develop the tools to help strengthen a community’s approach to roadway safety and save lives.


Forsyth County is developing a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP) to identify opportunities to improve transportation safety in the County.


The goal of the Forsyth LRSP is to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote a safer system by reducing fatal and serious injury crashes and enhancing the reliability of the transportation network for all users.


The Forsyth LRSP process consists of the establishment of an implementation group, safety analysis, public and stakeholder engagement, equity considerations, project and strategy selection, County policy and process changes, and LRSP documentation.

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